The Mushroom Faery

I was inspired to design a mushroom faery while taking a walk one day. There, on the side of the road, was half a mushroom ring! The other half would have been in the road. I wondered if Fearies would still dance in half a ring.

The story of the mushroom ring is that the circular ring formed by the mushrooms mark the boundary of the Faeries favorite places to dance.

Anyway, this little Faery is lounging atop a mushroom watching her Feary friends dance, or maybe she's waiting for a handsome Faery to ask her to take a whirl around the ring!

Approx. 10.75" x 11" and has 54 pieces. 

She is pale pink with amber hair, her wings are streaky orange and clear hammered glass. The mushroom she is lying on is a deep red rough rolled and streaky white and amber. With a pale green waterglass background and wispy green frame. This original art piece is done in Tiffany style and finished with a 1/8 in. zinc frame and chain.
Mushroom Faery Suncatcher
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