14 Piece, 8" x 10" Blue Star Stained Glass Suncatcher. Red, White & Blue Waterglass contruction with a Zinc Frame and Chain.
Blue Star Patriotic Suncatcher
Our Stained Glass Blue Star is reminiscent of the Blue Star Service Banner, designed by Army Capt. Robert L. Queissner in 1917, to show his pride in his two sons who were serving on the front line in WWI.
During WWI and WWII the banners were sewn by hand by mothers across the Nation. Each Blue Star represents a son or daughter on active duty. The Blue Star is replaced by a Gold Star if that person is killed in action or dies in service. The banner or flag is displayed in the front window of a home, showing a family's pride in their loved one serving in the Armed Forces and is a reminder to all that the freedoms we enjoy come at great expense.
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