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"What a beautiful piece.  I shop the world over looking for items to add to my pink ribbon store and that's how I came across your creation. ....they are unique...."
"I [have seen other products]...their angel ribbon is different, .... much smaller for one thing. The way it is displayed seems different as well. Lastly, the detail in your work is more intricate and special. I liked yours better .... "
Breast Cancer Awareness Angel Ribbon Suncatcher
About 6.75 x 4.5", 17 x 11.25 cm,

Angel Ribbon Stained Glass
Breast Cancer Awareness Suncatcher.

Brass Halo (styles vary), 25 mm Faceted German Glass Jewel Head, Clear Glue Chip Wings, Wispy Pink 'Ribbon' Body and Tiger Tail Wire Hanger with 1 - 6mm Rose Quartz and 2 - 4mm Swarovski Crystal Beads. Not an import! Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
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